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Twitter and Facebook Marketing Tips

Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook are what drive a lot of businesses today. The reason for this is because millions of people are on these social networks and spend a considerable amount of time on them almost every day. As such, targeting such people on these social networks is a great way to get noticed and turn visitors into paying customers. Successful digital marketing agencies talk about ‘conversions’ a lot, as it does not matter that you get a hundred visitors; what is important is how many of them are ‘converted’ into paying customers.

It’s not hard to get your business noticed with latest Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies. You can manage a marketing and promotion campaign on social media using the least amount of resources. If you own business, be it a big or a small one, and don’t want to spend tonnes of money on marketing it, use Twitter and Facebook Marketing to develop a campaign at a low price.

How to use Twitter to market your business

  • Posting on Twitter several times a day or week, according to your preferences, in a bid to promote your business or niche.
  • Posting only quality content in a short and casual matter so as to generate the maximum attention.
  • Link the postings with the hot topics on the site on that particular day to ensure that they attract the right kind of audience.
  • Make sure that personal replies are sent to anyone who enquires on the posts.
  • Ensure that the posts on Twitter are so high on quality that immediate interest is generated. This again will lead to more ‘followers’. In fact, build up your ‘followers’, and by this, I mean ‘followers’ who are interested in your business or niche and who have the potential to become paying customers.
  • Integration of your Twitter handles with SEO techniques.

How to use Facebook for marketing

  • Create a page on Facebook for your business which will have all the business details in it
  • Make your Facebook page interactive and design it in a way so as to generate conversation
  • Try to reply quickly to all enquiries and posts by people on the page
  • Quality posts and content management to ensure that the right people get interested
  • Create a fan base for your business on Facebook and ensure that the right kind of niche audience is targeted
  • Consider the establishment of Facebook Ads
  • Create a brand image for your business through quality posts and ads
  • Do your Twitter and Facebook Marketing in a way that will catapult your business to be the success you have always envisioned for it.

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