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Why Tutoring Services Are Essential For Australian Children?

Technology has nipped out some of the old values of learning, and automation has taken over even some of the simple tasks today. It is time perhaps, to ponder whether our children should be trained to program their brains at the young ages, rather than falling head over heels for the wired world. Today, we live in a world where a variety of devices aided by an array of apps impact our everyday lives. The technological advances are indeed impressive, but are we heading towards a generation where adult humans will be rendered ‘out of practice’ even for the most everyday tasks? The threat is real, and that brings into focus, the need for ‘programming’ the young minds with the ability to learn, sans the machines. Today’s parents and guardians do understand the value of this ‘old’ school of learning and the importance of learning to learn.

Tutors from the old school of learning

professional tutor serviceThankfully, the teachers at most of the professional tutoring services around you belong to the old school of learning, and we still have the ability to wean our children away from complete dependence on technology for first learning. The idea is not to alienate children from technology, but programming their minds to use technology at the right time and the right place. Think of the multiplication tables that we learned during our initial years of learning. Can an app embed these tables into the human brain?


Advantages galore from tutoring services

Tutoring services can deliver several benefits to our children. In the first place, through personal attention to each student, tutoring services can identify the weak and strong spots in the child and help them wade through the weak spots without fear or discomfort. Simultaneously the big spots in the kids will receive focused attention while discretely prompting to win the weak spots towards overall achievement in all areas of learning.

Customized plans

Tutoring services can develop customised plans for every child harmonising into his/her strengths and weaknesses. Every child is a natural learner and what is needed is the right approach to gently train them the right way. Some children are quick learners while some others are slow. Understanding each child at the tender ages is critical to shaping them up into responsible citizens of the future. Customised plans will make learning fun and easy to grasp, subtly triggering the thirst to learn more and excel.

Graded approach

The strategies and tools employed by the tutoring services are age appropriate. While the younger children learn in a playful environment, things are more focused when they reach the High school grade. Tutoring services shift gears and adopt different strategies for various age groups according to their needs and growing learning abilities.

Does your child need tutoring?

This is perhaps the major issue that many parents/guardians have difficulty in finding the right answer. In today’s fast-paced world, we get significantly less quality time to interact with our children and gain a close-up view of how they are shaping concerning their academic performance. But, poor achievements in school follow a consistent pattern that is perhaps time to sit up and take note. Even the brighter children can gain from tutoring services because customization will become even more relevant for those kids.

How To Identify A Good Training Centre Near You

There are several things that you should consider before you pick a tutor/tutoring service for your child. Tutoring as a profession is largely in the unregulated domain in Australia. Most tutors, however, may belong to one association or the other. However, such a membership does not bestow any particular benefit to the child or the parent. At best, it means that the association has vetted an individual tutor or tutoring service.

professional tutoring serviceQuestions you must ask

Given a large number of tutors and tutoring services, you must ask several questions before zeroing down to the particular tutor or tutoring service for your child.

Qualifications of the tutor – Ideally, the tutor should be qualified and be a trained teacher. But, that would also mean that you are picking the priciest option. Therefore, another option before you would be students who are undergoing teacher education. They can be less expensive and yet understand the needs of your child as well as the curriculum. A third option is a person with the necessary qualifications as well as tutoring experience.

Qualifications and training in the area that you need

Does the teacher hold qualifications in the subjects that you need tutoring for your child? Or, is it a case of a teacher with a specialisation in history teaching mathematics to your child?

Is the teacher cleared to work with kids

Now, this is important. You must ask to see the WWCC certificate of the tutor or tutoring service that you hire. This way, you are sure your child is in safe hands. Insist that you physically see the certificate.


Can the tutor or tutoring service provide some reference that you can check? Get the contact information and speak to some of the parents. Better still if you can also chat with some of them in person.

Is there a free trial offered

Most tutors and tutoring services do offer a free trial. This can become handy to ensure that your child is at home with the tutor and that you can expect the desired results from the tutor. Check to confirm the duration of this free trial. The longer the free trial, the better it is for you and your child.
professional tutoring service lab

Are your expectations clear to the tutor?

Your tutor should be clear about your expectations and should hold himself to deliver these. Follow the standard practice of checking with the tutor as well as the child on this.

How much time will be devoted

The general practice is to devote one hour every week on tutoring. But, does this align with the child’s needs? Some tutoring services offer 3 hours a week or even more. Tutoring should be to help the child and not overburden him/her.

Tutoring services help your child hone in the skills and prepare himself to take on the fiercely competitive world when he/she transitions into adult education.

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