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How To Make Your Warehouse Storage More Efficient?

Warehouse storage is more than just putting boxes on shelves. Efficient storage is a key element of successful business. Movement of product slows down when you consider all of the different factors involved. You have various employees, workloads, scheduling conflicts, customers as well as vendors, and they all need access to your stock. You should consider to equip some systems, such as cantilever racking systems, to improve the efficiency of your warehouse storage.

All of these factors can only be controlled to a point. And attempting to fix them all at the same time is not a feasible option. The most effective approach is to focus your attention on one of these factors. Which of these factors can you have the most control over; and which of these factors influences the others the most?


When you can quickly locate materials, the elements above are very likely to fit into one another better and make your total operation run more smoothly. So, if proper storage is the answer, how can you maximize your current warehouse situation?

Your storage needs are likely different from the needs of other companies. But that does not mean that you can’t benefit from making some changes to your warehouse layout. But where do you begin to make these changes?


How Much Space Do I Actually Have In My Warehouse?

When you know exactly the amount of space you have in your warehouse, you will be better able to gauge how much product you can store in there

  • Measure your space

  • Determine the warehouse elements that cannot be moved: columns, walls, doors, clearances

  • Which product is stored for longer and which product is handled more often

  • Where do you need clear pathways in your warehouse?

  • Consider where current or future offices, docks, staging, holding and inspection areas are located

If your product exceeds your space, don’t automatically expand to a separate building. Think outside your current shelves, but still inside your current warehouse space

  • Think about compressing and narrowing your current shelving

What Is Holding Back Your Efficiency?

The flow of your product: when it is coming in, while it is in inventory, and when it gets moved out, is the true test to whether you are using your warehouse storage to its fullest capabilities. This efficiency or lack thereof is measured through the following:

  • Having the right products

  • Having the right products when they are needed the most

  • Having the right products at any time that they are needed, and in whatever quantities are desired

  • Having too much space and filling that space with inventory might seem to be a positive, but it can slow down your efficiency

What Are My Options For Warehouse Storage?

When you know how much you need to store, and you know your current storage situation, the next step is to consider your options. The problem with simply stocking your warehouse is that any empty space is likely to fill up just because there is perceived room.

Once that space is gone, it might seem easier to expand out to another building rather than reorganize your current one. This is where mezzanine flooring is your solution.


Expansion is expensive. This is a plain and simple fact. Expanding might only be a temporary fix too, because it does not solve the current warehouse situation, just creates a new one. Mezzanine flooring is more efficient and economical.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring utilizes your current space and expands upon it. It uses all of the wasted space both above and/or below your shelves, aisles, and the other structures you currently have in your warehouse. Your storing possibilities greatly expand when you can install mezzanine flooring to create additional levels. Another benefit is that these levels are installed without all of the usual construction problems. Your building can continue operations while the structures are put into place.

Mezzanine Flooring Can Solve A Myriad Of Issues

  • I have too much product but I need all of it

You want to be able to have your product exactly when people need it, but it takes forever to fulfil orders from your warehouse. Your pallets are everywhere, your dock areas are cluttered and product is mixed in with the wrong product. You even have safety hazards with boxes and pallets placed wherever there is room.

Solution: a mezzanine flooring system would create another level above all of this mess and give you room to move this product, storage boxes and pallets to their rightful places.

  • Bad warehouse design

If you have differing ceiling levels in your warehouse, you ignore them because they don’t automatically fit your main product. Or, you could have aisles that are too wide.

Solution: get rid of your aisles and build up with mezzanine flooring.

What Mezzanine Flooring Can Achieve For Your Warehouse Storage

Installing mezzanine flooring allows you to use your current space more efficiently and move your product more efficiently. Your products are not the only costs you have in regards to storage. Your equipment, labor, operations and more must always be factored in. That is why when you are deciding on how to expand your storage, you can choose the economical way of mezzanine flooring. It reduces the need for expansion, which can cost a lot more.

Consider a mezzanine flooring system for your warehouse today. These free-standing structures can be moved to different locations in your warehouse. More permanent solutions for placement are also available. These materials include: concrete, steel and wood.

Get Access To Your Product Faster

Mezzanine flooring gives you access to all of your wasted warehouse space. Your product can be built faster and your overall logistics will be improved.

Your warehouse is more than just a space for material and product. Efficient storage of your product is critical to success. Product movement in and out of your warehouse is considerably slowed down when you have poor organization. All of the different factors that are dealt with on a daily basis contribute to this slow-down.

You can’t fix them all at once, so start with the most basic one and the most important: storage redesign. And storage redesign begins with a mezzanine flooring system.



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