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Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

To provide most excellent content out there, we have set up some rules for the guest posts. Before you contact us to publish post, make sure you meet all the below-mentioned metrics:

  1. The reader wants to know who you are.All guest contributors must provide your personal details along with two social accounts. The profile may include Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  2. Length of Post: Mandatory-700 words, 1000+ words-Good, 2000+ words -Excellent, 3000+ words-Adorable
  3. Please Include alt text on images
  4. Proper HTML formatting
  5. Titles may be shortened for tweet purpose
  6. When stating your opinion, put doesn’t mention “we.”
  7. You post must at least have one image.
  8. You can include the photograph clicked or screenshots. No memes.

If we find out authors aren’t writing their posts, we reserve the right to reject or delete the post.

Any negative impact word or title in the content must be removed or rephrased.

Contributors are not allowed to upload charts, illustrations, and graphs from other websites unless they have written permission to do so.

If you got good content to publish, whether it is related to business, promotion, motivation, general knowledge, diseases, etc, please feel free to contact us.