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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Moving House

 Moving houses always spell new beginnings. More room, a new environment, new neighbours or even new beginnings in life. It is something consequential that gives you a new opportunity to experience something new and fresh and create fresh life’s memories. However, it is the process itself which is quite hectic due to the array of challenges that you have to grapple with.

Moving is quite hectic. You have to do a lot of organising, packing, de-cluttering while taking steps to ensure all the stuff are in place and nothing is damaged during the process. If you are leading a busy professional life, it is going to eat up lots of valuable time. To save your valuable time you need to look up for reliable movers like Metro Movers who can do packing, loading and unloading tasks for you.

Moving Companies To The Rescue

Moving companies make moving bearable. They do all the heavy-lifting once you have given instructions and defined requirements. As a result, you will not have to grapple with strenuous tasks of moving heavy furniture pieces along with the appliances. However, even if you have a mover handling all your needs, then you could make the transition as painless as possible.

Here are some of our survival tips that you can incorporate when moving house.

Buy Rolls Of Toilet Paper

Well, this is a service that the moving company will not provide you. If you are moving to a new city neighbourhood, it will take a time to discover the next convenience store and there are some essential that you must have, such as a roll of toilet papers for immediate use.

Don’t Forget To Pack All Your Medication

Don’t focus too much on your belongings that you forget to pack in the medication. They can be a lifesaver; especially at a time when you are handling heightened stress and anxiety like when you are moving.

Pack Other Essential Daily Use Items In An Easily Accessible Manner

Apart from your medication, there are important items that you should pack in a convenient place where you can easily track or access them. These include relevant documents, your work laptop or even prized jewellery. You should handle anything that you regard to be of high value.


You have already paid for the moving and other essential items, but you still need a little cash for those little emergencies that will emerge when making the move. For example, there may be a need to tip the movers or taxi drivers. Most cab drivers equipped with EFTPOS terminals. Even if they don’t carry mobile terminals, they can handle cash requests and all the associated costs including last minute changes with pride and a smile. Mostly they are equipped with broad geographical knowledge of the region. In Melbourne, taxis are tailored to exacting needs of our esteemed customers. They provide luxury taxis with a capacity to carry as many as 11 passengers.

Trash Bags

In some houses, you might find these already provided for you, but you might want to carry some just in case. Having cash on hand will be useful in buying some last minute trash bags from convenience stores or the moving company itself if it provides them.

Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Do not pack these too far and deep in your items. In fact, if you didn’t negotiate for an unpacking service with the moving company, you will be doing the unpacking all by yourself which is quite hectic. Most movers will start living with the bare essentials in their new home and do the unpacking “long term” over several days or weeks so you need to access your toothbrush and toothpaste for daily use easily.

Bottled Water

You are probably not going to cook or buy new supplies until several days later so make sure that you have purchased some bottled water and light snacks to push you for the first day or few days. You are probably not going to cook or buy new supplies until several days later so make sure that you have purchased some bottled water and light snacks to push you for the first day or few days.


Make sure to have a full first-aid kit but a bandage will do for those little injuries that you are most likely to get when organising your new home.


Maybe you might not have to light on your first move day, or you simply want to lift some of the many crevices and hidden crawl spaces in the home.

What did we leave out? But this moving house survival guide should put you to a smooth start in your new home. Now onto new great memories!