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Our Fun-Filled Family Day Out at Adventure Park

With the sun coming out to play, my husband and I decided that it was time for a family outing. With our smartphones and tablets taking over our lives, spending quality time with our family has become more important now than ever before. So, we make a conscious effort to do fun things with our children regularly. Getting out of the house and spending time outside is a great way to get away from all the technology that bogs you down on a daily basis.

kids party venues

We discussed all the different things that we could do, like having a nice, relaxing day at the beach, booking kids party venues and going to the zoo. In the end, both of us agreed that a day at the Adventure Park would be the most fun for the kids and would get us to be physically active, something that both my husband and I are very interested. And when we told the kids about the plan, they did what any eight and ten-year-old would do: squeal with excitement and start talking about how much fun they’ll have and all the things that they’ll get to do at the park. The week went by quickly with the kids counting down the days till they’ll get to go on rides and have fun in the water. On D-day, the kids woke up bright and early, excited to begin their day of fun and frolic. We had booked the tickets online, so when we arrived at Adventure Park, we went straight in.

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While the day was supposed to be all about the kids having fun, when we got there, I got just as excited as the kids. After all, who could resist all those rides! Although the water park was our ultimate destination, we decided to start the day with some of the dry rides before venturing onto the wet ones. The kids loved the carousel, excitedly choosing which horse they wanted to ride on. Then all four of us got on the Ferris wheel, an oldie but a goodie, enjoying a great view of the park when it got to the top. For rides where the kids were deemed too young, my husband and I took turns watching the kids while the other person went on the ride. After a couple of other fun dry rides, we decided it was time to move onto the water park to cool down from the hot sun.

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Before diving into the water, we had a quick lunch to keep us energised. So, a couple of burgers and fries later—and after slathering on sunscreen—it was time for some aqua fun! With slides and a water play area for kids, time flew as we had our fill of the water. My eight-year-old daughter and I particularly enjoyed floating on the lazy river, chatting about our day and having a real time. It was a great mother-daughter bonding experience for sure. My husband, being a thrill-seeker, went on the steep water slides over and over again, each time claiming that it was the last time only to go over again. My kids loved the smaller slides, and I just enjoyed soaking in the water and watching them have fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better idea for our family outing. The experience was perfect.

After a full day of running around and seeking thrills, of course, the kids were wiped out and tired, but still refused to leave. But once my husband and I assured them that it wasn’t their last time at Adventure Park and that we will return another day again, we finally convinced them to leave and made our way to the car, driving back home with tired, but contented smiles on our faces. It’s a good thing that we got the annual passes because we are going back for sure.

I foresee a lot of trips to Adventure Park shortly. Those memories that we made that day are priceless and will be cherished for a long, long time. I look forward to making more happy memories. Hopefully, our next trip to Adventure Park will be with a lot of friends. I’ve been telling everyone about what a great time we had. So, the next time we plan to go, they’ll probably be keen to join us. And you know what they say, the more, the merrier! Adventure Park is a place that promises endless fun and entertainment for both children and adults. There is something for everyone. It is a fun summer destination, the place to be at when the sun is beating down on us; fun in the water is an awesome way to beat the sun. A day is not enough to get your fill of Adventure Park and all the excitement that it has to offer. Seasonal passes are the way to go for all of us adventure lovers who can’t get enough of the rides. A word of advice to those of you planning a trip to Adventure Park: get there early. By the end of the day, you’re not going to want to leave. So, it’s a good idea to get there early to get your fill of the park. It’s been over a week since we went to the park, but the kids have not stopped talking about how much fun they had. My daughter has been dropping hints about having her birthday party there. And I’m all for it. We could maybe stay there for a weekend to celebrate her birthday and get our fill of all the rides and fun activities. A mini-vacation at a theme park? Sounds like fun for both the parents and the kids! Now that’s what’s called a beneficial, fun time for the entire family! I’m already dreaming of floating in the lazy river again, letting the tube gently take me around while I lounged and baked in the summer sun. Ah, bliss!

How to build a good family relationship with your children

family at dinner tableWhen children are grown and are now out by themselves, having acquired their very first job and are already living in their own apartments, a parent is always hoping they trained them enough to: think on their own, drive a car, respect authority, make dinner, hold a job, pay bills and maintain loving and respectful relationships. Parenting is and has always been a huge job: behaviour adjudicator or being a child’s ATM is not adequate.We require a relationship where we can tell our children it is not good to beat or bully others and still find out why they did so. We require relationships with adequate emotional forces to share dreams, convictions and hopes and ensure they can listen to us when we need them to.child relationship We need relationships where our children can believe we can offer them even the most difficult solutions to their problems and adhere to their concerns. We need relationships that comprise of not only respect but also love. The parent-child bond takes intentional effort and wisdom. Paying attention to below points becomes even more important if you are adopting a child and we should look for ways to strengthen your relation with them.I will provide you with encouraging tips that will ensure you build a strong relationship with your child.

  • child argumentMoments arrive when you feel you should ask God to reveal his wisdom over your children’s behaviour and their spiritual lives, and issues they have with their friends. God is a good listener and will always disclose strategies to try or questions to ask. Children are prone to disagree even on the smallest issues. It is also known to be a major source of sibling rivalry. It is important to find out why they are disagreeing instead of offering direct punishment to a wrong doing. Ensure you put your prayers before adjudication.

  • Infants below the age of eight years spend most of their time on the floor and we should be down there too pretending with dolls, playing games or building block forts. Slither through those embarrassing feeling and meet your children on the ground. Just ensure you do not transition into being their buddy: you are still their parents. You can fix time limits for your child play. Playing with kids
    Sometimes whining supervenes and you should time out if need be. Getting into the elder kids lives is different and more difficult. You can decide to watch movies or TV shows with them. Your kids might think you are spying on them but it is best to explain your idea of wanting to hang out with them before actually doing so. Though you may not understand much in what they watch, it best to ask questions about storylines and characters to commence a conversation.
  • A good relationship can be sustained or improved buy keeping it real with your children. For that we need to take time out for communication rather spending time on our smartphones since this is is also one of the major reasons behind losing connection within families.parents that dont give attentionYour missteps can help your children learn from your errors. They will get to see that no one is perfect. I am sure most of you parents have lost touch with your high school or college friends. Through this, you can teach them that friends come and go, but they should not let a friendship collapse due to grievances and lack of attention. Such personal information could be embarrassing hence showed be relayed privately.
  • family at dinner table
    The easiest way to merge with your kids is through eating together as a family; through several activities tend to tamper with meal times as the kids get older. It also has been proven that healthy relationship parent-child keeps the family healthy. Even though the dinner takes a few minutes, you can still discuss the day’s highlights and lowlights. Some of these talks will eventually lead to further conversations. It may be difficult to keep the kids on track hence as a parent you should guide the conversation. Having shared time does not mean you have connected unless you involve asking questions and exchanging ideas.
  • We as parents have things we like doing on our own. Even if we are not thrilled about it, it is much better than being in charge of disorderly kids. It is best to involve our kids in some of our projects, like painting a wall, as it will provide a platform for connecting with your children.
    involving with kids
    I am sure most of the projects you do together will transform into delightful memories. It is important to pray and think of the appropriate level of involvement for our kids by their age and experience. The sooner you accept these facts the sooner you discover an enjoyable and an endearing life.
  • spending time wit familyNot only the smaller kids but also the elder ones will enjoy when you frequently act silly. It clearly does not involve embarrassing them in public. Ensure you are having fun in private as it will keep things light and makes you more approachable. So you have a go ahead to make funny faces, sing silly songs, do a goofy dance or talk to the dog.

  • The closeness of a parent to their children is dependent on the connections you have had with your kids’ right from birth. Fathers can also have more bonding with their kids than the mother. Fathers who take time off from their work, even it is a few weeks, tend to have stronger and closer relationships with their kids on every stage. A family that treasures their newborn is likely to proceed to do so in positive ways that bring you closer throughout their childhood.
  • father connection with a child

  • It is important to note that all relationships require effort. Good relations with our children do not automatically spring out of anywhere, any more than marriages do. Biology provides us with a head start as we are biologically encoded to love our children. As our children grow older, we are required to construct on that biological bond, or the challenges of our current societies will eradicate it. Children automatically love their parents. The connection can remain erect as long as we do not kick in the teeth.
  • Trust between kids and their parents commences at infancy when babies want to find out if they can depend on you to pick them up when need to be. With time, your kids will get securely attached to you especially when they require physical and emotional needs. Our trust with our kids grows over time in other several ways: not breaking a confidence, keeping promises and picking them up on time.this makes them comfortable enough to share almost everything and possibilities are they wouldn’t have to lie to their parents and better bridge that gap. We prolong our trust to them by believing in their potentials and expecting the best from them.
  • The ways to build stronger and durable relationships with your children is within you. Ask God for guidance, and start building connections with your kids today.