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6 SEO Tips Will help you gain constant flow of traffic to your blog in 2017

In the past couple of years, SEO basics have undergone a paradigm shift from traditional methods to a focus on the social media. Let us, therefore, examine how this change in strategy is affecting your business.

Content remains the King, but

Content by itself has not lost any of its value for SEO from the olden days. But, what has changed is the manner in which you organise your content for the social media. The browsing habits of your target have undergone a quantum shift from desktops to handheld devices. By the year 2018, the worldwide population of smartphones is expected to cross the 200,000 million mark. Therefore, if the best content on your website is not enabled for smart phones, you are missing out on a significant share of viewers from your target markets. This is also the first step towards tuning into the social media since social media itself thrives on the mobile users. The share feature on the social media is the juicy part, and every website owner should constantly be updating himself to get the best out of this feature. We will discuss more on the share feature of social media, later in this article

Emphasise more titles and meta descriptions

At Google, the Search Engine Result Pages are regularly monitored 24x7x365, and whenever Google feels that something needs to be done to improve viewer experience, they will simply go ahead and implement. Let us not forget that Google earns its revenue from the viewers and what is important for them is important for Google too. A recent development in this direction is the additional space now available for your titles and meta descriptions. With longer titles and meta descriptions business owners now have to bring additional keywords, long tail keywords and more focused titles. The measure has already been paying high dividends. However, there is no guarantee that Google will continue with this largesse

Intent signals and SEM alignment


On average search terms with a commercial purpose tend to carry more ads on top of the page, compared to organic searchers. Organic searches generate lower click through compared to pages with the top of the page ads. Therefore, it is critical to comprehend the terms that bring organic search results versus paid terms. The paid, as well as organic search terms, should work in tandem to boost the ROI. Similarly, content strategy will also need to be aligned with what the search engines are after. For search results with fewer ads, the focus should be on optimising organic search and tuning in the content for enhanced experiences of customers.

Speed gains importance

SEO Techniques chartSpeed is gaining more importance in the internet experience world over. Digital businesses should, however, understand that the best speed is not available across the globe and a majority of nations continue to suffer from low speed. From the SEO angle, this is important because slow load times can potentially drive customers away. Google is at work every day to improve this in any manner they can. Google will continue to experiment with several things to bring the best to its customers. Here is a description of what the search giant is planning to do in Australia. With some 22 languages and 700 dialects, Google has its task cut out in servicing the Australian customers. Google already has introduced the AMP project which helps in stripping away the extras on a website and load faster. Google claims that AMP can enhance speed by up to 85%. Consequently, there is also a higher emphasis on ‘micro-moments’ for mobile users. Paying adequate attention to graphics and other items on your web page that potentially impacts load time will, therefore, be crucial in your SEO efforts.



Sharing is the juiciest part of social media

A fascinating part of social media comes from sharing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a host of other social media sites have the share feature. You can choose your pick and automatically share your content on all these platforms with little effort. But many of us may not have noticed is that the posts can be shared again for a second, third or even the fourth and more rounds when you do that intelligently. If you see carefully, the third time you share the same post on Twitter, for instance, the traffic volume jumps manifold. Happily, this will not be reckoned as spamming so much time as you make subtle changes to your tweets to carry the same message in different words. Remember that most viewers don’t care about repeated sharing, though you should choose platforms that work best for you. Most people prefer Twitter because that is the most prominent platform for social media. As a matter of fact, sharing your content multiple times is perhaps a necessity on social media. Remember that unlike an RSS feed many people hardly ever read your posts in full when it is served via Twitter or YouTube. Conversely, repeated sharing serves the purpose of updating viewers with a value that you promised.

Sharing without spamming

Using sharing keeping off the limits of spamming is important. Spamming in any form is not okay for the digital business. Remember also that most sharing activities can be automated and therefore business owners should carefully determine the frequency at which they share the same content. Your sharing should focus on what your target audience likes. If you had a bad experience from strategies employed by others, learn from that and avoid using similar strategies for your own business. Adding value at constant intervals is what the social media is all about. Once you understand this and tune in intelligently, your efforts will start yielding exceptional results in a short space of time.

Remember also that SEO is not a fit it and forget it exercise. Constant care and nurturing are needed to track important changes and implement those changes into your website/blog.

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