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8 Tips for Doing Property Management the Right Way

A property manager is responsible for the operations and management of a real estate property. As a manager, you are responsible for various duties, such as keep track of lease information, find renters and coordinate basic maintenance and repairs. Some managers have their properties while others are hired to manage properties handled or owned by various real estate agencies. In numerous cases, a property with a business and real estate background is essential. If you want to become a property manager, you should expand your knowledge and complete your particular degree in property management. After completing your high school, you can take accounting, management, law, administration and finance courses. These courses will help you to improve your chances of success in this field.

The following super tips also will help you to manage your property in an efficient way:


1) Property Management Certification

Various states require certified property managers, and for this purpose, you have to pass a particular certification test. This certification will help you to learn the business, asset management and accounting related knowledge. To become a successful property manager, you should check the requirements of your state about this certification. A licensed property manager can work in a better way because this person got a license after passing a state exam and management courses. There are various training, such as project management training, you can take to help you prepare for the exam.


2) Property Manager or Realtors Association

This association will help you to make connections with other property managers and realtors. They will help you to increase your knowledge and learn new tricks to improve your job. Sign up for workshops and seminars and look for realty associations in your state. The brokers of NAR (National/State Association of Realtors) are known as Realtors. NAR works as a self-regulatory organisation for property brokerage. Their members are commercial and residential brokers, salesperson, appraisers, managers, and counsellors. You can work as a member of the Realtors Association.

3) Volunteer Work

Before starting your job, you need connections and prior experience to invest in the properties. You should work as a freelancer or as an assistant to any experienced property manager. It will help you to increase your experience and learn tips and tricks to work in the market. There are lots of important things that one should learn before entering the market. With the help of volunteer work, you can prepare yourself for an expert level job. Real estate organisations often require an agent to sell and manage properties. You can become an agent and learn valuable lessons by offering your free services to work with some experienced property manager. Carefully observe your mentor and note down important things in a notebook. This experience will be helpful for you to work in the market.

4) Assistant Manager

Sometimes, government housing and apartment complexes require an assistant manager. You can take this role to learn essential skills and responsibilities of this job. Try to involve actively in janitorial and maintenance services to get a positive reputation in the market. As an assistant manager, you have to assist with property management tasks and manage various activities on a regular basis. You have to follow the orders of the manager. You may be responsible frequently for visiting properties for inspection and maintenance work. An assistant manager has to design a compelling advertisement to find reliable tenants for an empty property.

5) Find Renters

Based on properties various features, you should look for different kinds of eligible renters. You can look for students, families or professionals to give your property on rent. Take some good photos of the house or property and mention them in your advertisement to provide an overview of your property to potential clients. It is essential to write detail information about the property, such as the number of rooms, the area of the house, address and unique features.

Make sure to check the tenant’s financial records. You are responsible for checking their background and appropriately investigate about them to avoid potential problems. For proper screening of tenants, you have to check:

  1. Credit reports
  2. Income and employment proofs
  3. References of rental
  4. Scrutinise any past issue carefully.

Write an agreement and mention all rules and regulations applied to your property and responsibilities and rights of tenants and landlords. Get this contract signed by all parties to avoid any legal problem in the future.

6) Local Laws of Your State

You are responsible for meeting regulations and codes of government. You have to learn about these laws and make yourself mindful of the new development. It will help you to keep your property livable and safe for future tenants. It is also good to avoid failed inspections and lawsuits. You can mention any special rules and regulations in your lease or contract as well. It will protect you from various discrepancies in the future.

7) Keep an Eye on the Maintenance on Properties

To become the best property manager, you should manage your property on a regular basis to avoid future problems. You should always be responsive to the requests of tenants for the maintenance of your property. Always keep your property maintained to find quality renters. To keep quality tenants in your properties for a longer period, you should become courteous ad prompt manager. Answer their queries and solve any issue politely with good communication.

8) Excellent Communication Skills

Communication with your renters should be your priority because you have to inform them about any change in procedure and policy. Keep them informed about any change in the lease or send renewal notices on time. Try to automate your process as soon as possible, such as you can use online tools for billing and marketing. If you have a website, try to update it on a frequent basis, such as new rates, policies, procedure of rented property, etc. It will be good to learn different languages to deal with foreigners. You should always use sweet, polite and plain language to avoid any confusion.